Hyvän sohvan tuntee - You can feel it

Interface products are designed by well known designers. The designers intention is to make the seating and the ergonomics the most confortable combination, not forgetting the design.

Interface products are well known for the luxurious comfort, which is combined the latest trends and the Scandinavian linear design.

Hannele Bonsdorff

Hannele Bonsdorff

Interior Architect SIO | b.1943

The collection of Interface is designed by Hannele Bonsdorff (SIO). Modern, trendy collection consists of sofas, arm chairs and coffee tables. The flag ship, Tatum, was drawn already in 1989 by Hannele Bonsdorff.

Hannele Bonsdorff is known as one of the best designers of upholstered products in Finland. Products designed by Hannele are not only looking good, but they are very comfortable. Bonsdorff makes the design very carefully from the very beginning until the last detail.

On the December 2005 Kaj Franck Design Prize was awarded to Hannele Bonsdorff SIO.

Products designed by Hannele Bonsdorff

Interface Design Studio

IDS | b.2001

Interface Design Studio is our own product development team, which consist of our personnel in sales, marketing and product development. In addition, there are several designers involved, each having their special areas of knowledge. Designing the technical implementation, patterns and details. A good sofa is all about feeling.

Luca sofa was awarded in Toimittajien Tusina Award in 2017. Luca is designed by Interface Design Studio.

Products designed by Interface Design Studio

Ole Tornoe Olesen

Ole Tornoe Olesen

Designer Dd | b.1971

We have started the co operation with Ole Tornoe Olesen in autumn 2014. In April 2015 we launched the first products for our customers and press.

Ole Tornøe Olesen has 20 years design experience with companies from all over Europe, He has a special interest in modern contemporary designs in the traditionally Scandinavian style often with a twist and fine details. For Tornøe Olesen good design is not only appealing for the eyes, but It continues in the feel and comfort - that is essential for a great product.

Products designed by Ole Tornoe Olesen