Interface's new design innovations for 2021 will last a lifetime


Interface's new autumn 2021 furniture has been released! The playful shapes and modularity of the collection capture gaze, practicality, timelessness and quality of the scandinavian way of living. The collection welcomes fresh looks and innovations, still taking practical needs into account - without overlooking attractive design. The designers of the new collection are all Finnish designers.


Modular Lollipop - beautiful sofa set, design Laura Seppänen

Interior designer Laura Seppänen designed the modular Lollipop sofa collection, which includes armchair, daybed, sofa bed and footstool. All the furniture can be opened as a platform for being and sleeping.
The set is complemented by oak veneered Box tables much like Lollipop's backrests. The core of the furniture series is the uncomplicated adaptability. It is beautiful throughout, looking finished in every direction.


The gentle centerpiece of the living room is Bebé, design by Aino Michelsen

The gentle and innocently captivating Bebé sofa combines a beautifully angular frame and soft feather-filled pillows. A special feature of the Bebé is its deep square divan modules, which make the sofa a wonderful inviting place for lounging and relaxing. Bebé exudes airiness and lightness. Available also as sofa of two different lenghts.


The new classic: Basso sofa, design Hannele Bonsdorff

The simplistic and timeless look of the Basso sofa has been created by Interface’s longest-standing designer, Kaj
Franck Award winner Hannele Bonsdorff. Basso is an easy going, large, plush and showy couch for serious lounging. The detail of the classic Interface model is the interesting wavy design of the side upholstery. With a different layout of the back cushions, the look of the sofa changes and its use is further broadened: its inviting embrace gets new comfort as well as usability.


Chair like a Cupcake, design Aino Michelsen

Cupcake chair, design Aino Michelsen, is a playful armchair is suitable for both public premises and homes. The seating comfort of the chair has not been compromised by its compact size. The seat cushion and back cushion make it soft, yet good for more upright sitting. The chair upholstered throughout is lovely and inviting in shape.


Dreamy Leia recliner, design Aino Michelsen

Leia is a swivel recliner suitable for watching TV, reading a book or taking a nap. It has a nice 50's feel to it that has been aptly updated to the present day. The starting point for the plan was a combination of a precisely shaped body and a more freely formable, covered padding.


Paarre armchair defies gravity, design Juho Pasila

The Paarre chair has a wooden frame and its seat and backrest are upholstered. The armchair is suitable
for use in both homes and public spaces. It’s airy streamlined and like in eternal motion, defying gravity. The leg structure of the chair resembles roof chair, which the name Paarre dates back to.


Durable and luxurious Split carpets for demanding use, design Elina Helenius

In the hands of long-standing textile designer Elina Helenius, a new Interface product group was born: timeless
carpet collection. Its main themes are sense of material and closeness to Earth. The traditionally weaved
carpets are designed to be long lasting in both color scheme and durability. A thinner and slightly coarser linen weft brings the softer and thicker wool yarn airiness and posture. The two-color Split rug is a strong statement about the beauty of minimalism.


Luoto furniture collection: multi-purpose and practical design, design Hinni Korpela

Hinni Korpela designed sofa and armchair for the Luoto collection, which is suitable for both
home and public spaces. The specialty of the seats is their foot structure, which gives the sofa and
armchairs a framed look. The collection also includes a round metal table in two different sizes.
The design combines simple, soft surfaces with edging details.


Interface Luoto design Hinni Korpela_15-100

Read more about the novelties on the product pages: sofas, chairs and other products.

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