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In the spaces designed by Laura Seppänen, an expert in design and interior design, the eye can truly rest. Rooms designed by her are recognizable: current and yet appropriately separated from transient trends. In her hands design culminates as timeless as it can be. This is also the reason why we at Interface turn to her year after year when we are planning interior photographs or novelty introductions.

We interviewed her about her sources of inspiration and what drives her forward. At the end of the article also links to her newly launched furniture series Lollipop and Box-tables.

Minimalism and surprising elements

There is always something surprising in the spaces decorated by Laura. An eye-catching product, shape, or contrasting color that, in its diversity, emphasizes the other elements in the room. Laura invests in quality, interesting shapes and natural materials. She seeks attention with textures and structures. On this basis, Laura also creates styles for Interface's interior images.

“I like spaces and products that are both homey and soft and at the same time modern and airy. Many characterize my style as minimalist. Unnecessary things are cut down and beauty is brought out. This is minimalism in art and design: focus on the most essential and leave out everything unnecessary, ”Laura describes her style. “Then all is left is room for beauty."

Laura Seppänen for Interface

Shared growth story

Laura has been styling for Interface since 2017, when the gradual development of the company's traditional look was started in collaboration with her.

“Interface has long traditions and this heritage was also visible in its images. The traditional look was not radically changed, but step by step the picture catalog was built more up to date, without forgetting the roots of the family business,” Laura says and continues: “ I wanted Interface products to be viewed with certain types of objects and things in environments where they weren’t used to being seen. I also wanted to introduce Interface to people who were not previously aware of the company, without alienating existing customers. As an interior designer, I create different spaces and moods around the products. I use storytelling that arouses people to see things in a new light.”

Interface and Laura are also united by their business size. "I'm a small business owner myself and it's also a unifying factor: we understand each other."

The common history has grown into mutual trust and respect.

Interface Lollipop sofa bed couch design Laura Seppänen

Nothing in vain

Minimalism is evident in all of Laura’s design, where there's nothing too much and yet everything necessary is on display. In her plans, materials and shapes come into their own rights. The color worlds created by Laura are usually very harmonious and soothing: shades of wood, tones of brown, various light surfaces and surprising textures in textiles softening an otherwise clear-lined spaces.

It is also important for Laura to support Finnish products and production whenever possible. “Here’s another reason to collaborate with Interface. When I see domestic quality work, I want to share it with others ”

Interface Lollipop divaani vuodetuoli nojatuoli Box pöytä table design Laura Seppänen

A curious visual communications expert

Where, then, does a design expert always find a new angle into hes style?

“My job strongly involves constantly studying new materials, manufacturing methods and techniques. To be knowledgeable about furniture, lighting, small items, textiles... This is one of the most essential things for me in my work. I also look at things from a broader perspective. I follow art, design, life cycles of companies and related work done by other interior design professionals. What companies are aiming for with their visual catalogue, what kind of thoughts come to me on basis on what I see, what messages are there behind the imagery and how the presented visual material changes my perception of that company. I look at the decor pictures and think what the stylist wanted to say with a specific object, why it is essential in the picture, what it should convey. For me that's what styling is: visual communication. If I described myself in one word, it would be curious.”

"The best is yet
to come. This is an
endurance sport."

Curiosity about the new is also explained by Laura's journalistic background. "It is the responsibility of a journalist to draw attention to issues of interest before the wider audience. With my press background I also have ability and channels to find things out. But perhaps the main reason for constantly finding the topical is that I am a really curious person, I will not get peace until it all makes sense!” Laura shares her passion for the interior design industry.

Quality stays in style

Laura creates multi-purpose spaces that look like their owners. Whole spaces with a tendency to timelessness. With Interface's interior photos, we also aim for longevity, since we only have photo shoots once a year. It is a pleasure to note that the pictures taken with Laura four years ago, for example, are still relevant and bring out our products beautifully. Laura has the ability to place furniture in different environments and let the viewer notice, how it works in very different kind of spaces and with different styles.

“I am often asked what I think is the best space I have planned. It has not yet been planned. The best is yet to come. This is an endurance sport.” Laura smiles.

Also her current work are wonderful. That's why you can again enjoy Laura Seppänen's handprint on Interface channels during this autumn, when we publish new interior pictures and products.

Get to know Lollipop collection:

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