Modular Lollipop - a beautiful sofa bed range


Laura Seppänen, a multi-talented interior designer, designed a modular Lollipop sofa bed range for the Interface collection. The collection includes an armchair, daybed, sofa bed and footstool. Each part of the set can be opened to twice its size and be used as a platform for lounging and/or sleeping. The range is complemented by Box oak veneer tables continuing the spirit of Lollipop's backrests.

Everyday scalability

“The idea of the furniture range is that they are easy to move around, and thus the space they are in can be adapted to suit the needs of the moment,” Laura explains.

The Lollipop sofa bed collection is made up of modules that can be used as a single chair or in combination as corner sofa, daybed or long sofa. If the size of your housing changes, the modules can be separated into separate armchairs, or new parts can be acquired to extend the old ones. In addition the modular chair and footrest pieces, the set also includes a narrower long daybed and a fully upholstered sofa.

The sofa set is complemented by Box tables of three different sizes, also finished with oak veneer. The tables, like the chairs, can be used either as a single piece or in combination of different sizes. The oak veneer of the table is also beautifully repeated in the structures of the sofa series: backrests of the sofa modules are also finished with oak veneer.

“Wood is my favorite of all natural materials and I think veneer is the most beautiful thing in the world,” Laura explains her material choice.

Designed to need

As an interior designer, Laura is well on the map of what is on offer in Finland and what is missing from the market. “That’s why I wanted to develop a collection that fits both small squares and larger homes. A sofa range that adapts to the different life situations and needs of its users. ”

In her work, Laura has noticed that our housing culture is changing. People no longer have gigantic apartments: the spaces people live in are becoming more compact. “This also requires scalability and versatility from the furniture,” she notes.

The Lollipop collection scales beautifully also for a larger space. Laura designed the furniture so that the modules can be placed even with their backs facing each other in the middle of the room. Or so that in the middle of the space you can place a group of seats that also look beautiful from behind.

The look of the furniture shows Laura’s love for minimalism: there is nothing too much and nothing too little in her designs. The beauty of the Lollipop range lies in this simplicity and timelessness. “The most beautiful details stand out when you pause and really look at the product,” Laura says.

Beautiful sofa bed - space for friends

All Lollipop furniture can be opened to twice its size simply by turning the sofa cushion open. All the seats, daybed and sofa in the sofa range, as well as the footstool, open in the same way into a comfortable lounging and sleeping platform. Perfect furniture for a small (or why not a bigger) home - or even a spare bed for a summer cottage!

“I’ve seen maybe one really stylish sofa bed on the market. For me, hiding furniture fittings, knobs, and fastening mechanisms was a key part of Lollipop’s design. It was important that the chair is beautiful throughout, finished from every direction. Sofa beds are usually heavy with mechanisms and difficult to use. I am so happy that these pieces of furniture were made simple, easy to use, soft and without hard mechanisms,” says Laura.

“I hope Lollipop finds its place as a beautiful and practical object in people’s daily lives. When friends come to visit, the couch can be spread out and you can lounge on it. If I could choose, how it would be used, this is exactly it, ”Laura sums up.

Mutual appreciation resulted in functional furniture

Laura and Interface have been collaborating for years: she has been styling Interface’s interior photos since 2017. “I’m so happy that Interface also asked me to also design furniture for them. Interface has been a dear customer for several years, we have a long history. This seemed just the right place to make my first collection.”

Interface is a small family business. Also Laura is a small business owner since the beginning of her career. Small entrepreneurs understand each other.

“Interface is a kind of safe haven for me. I trust CEO Tuukka's expertise and collection manager Niina's views. It's nice to work with both! I’m lucky to be able to do things with them. I feel appreciated. In addition, I knew from experience that the collaboration would be nice. In this group, humor flourishes and things work! ” Laura sums up and adds: “A designer can design anything and succeed pretty well, but especially in the work of an interior designer, at least 50 % comes from the implementer. It's always a trade between the two. ”

High-quality materials and a timeless end result

Of particular importance to Laura, were Interface's experience in materials and furniture making - as well as commercial know-how. “The fact is, the furniture has to be sold, too. Design exists without anyone using, consuming or buying it, but I try not to bring any useless products into the World. I recognized the need in the market and try to fill it with my design,” she explains.

“It was a great experience to juggle ideas with Niina, Tuukka and the of the factory artisans. This kind of working together is rare and especially rewarding for me. To debate, discuss and spin ideas. And to see when other people bring the plans alive. I greatly appreciate this experience, as I have basically done everything alone so far in my career. You can do great stuff alone, but I argue that the best reels come when there are more people involved. ”

And is Laura going to take Lollipop as part of her own home as well?

"Absolutely! I already have the Interface Coco sofa. I like it very much and won't give it up. I will probably take my own armchair in addition to that, as I need more seating for guests.”

Check out the Lollipop series here.

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