Interface combines timeless design with an excellent seating comfort.


It was begun in 1963 in Norinkylä, Teuva - a small village in western side of Finland. Interface was founded by Efraim Männistö - son of a carpenter.

Fake Oy
Production was moved to Kurikka


The growth of the production was rapid during the 1960's and 1970's. The products were made of high quality materials and the ergonomics of the products were really good.


Company changes name

Early 1980's

The growth of exports was the reason for the change of the company name. FAKE was changed into Interface. Roughly 70% of the turnover was generated in exports to Sweden in late 1980's.

Time to change things


Matti Nurmi became a shareholder of Interface Oy in 1988. Early 1990's Finland was suffering a recession and the years were hard for a company like Interface making the living out of the exports.

New entrepreneur taking the lead


Keijo Leppänen, an experienced professional in furniture industry, became the shareholder of Interface 1996. The brand and collection was updated and the focus was more in the home base - Finland.

New generation


A sudden change of the lead had to be done in 2000. Tuukka Leppänen, age 22, took the lead of Interface. At the same time the whole industry in Finland started to grow.

New beginning


After 52 years in Kurikka it was a time to say good bye. The production was moved to Heinola in Finland. 2500 m2 of open space was fullfilled with machines and raw materials as well as employees.

The future


We are treasuring our values, which has been there from the very beginning. The desire to make products which will serve you years of use. The green values are following us with every step we take - not only by manufacturing products that can be renewed with new upholstery but also by focusing on the waste we generate in the production and by recycling everything in correct way - plastic, cardboard, foam - you name it. Naturally, manufacturing in Finland is one of the key values for us. And we are very proud of it.


For Interface, responsibility means local manufacturing, high quality materials and sustainable design.





Since 1963 Interface has manufactured living room furniture in Finland that are know for their high quality, Scandinavian design and superior comfort.

The local manufacturing gives us flexibility and helps us to respond to individual needs quickly. Our products are an example of the Finnish craftsmanship that we can truly be proud of. Interface products are handmade in Heinola.



Our production is fully customer driven, which means that all products are made to order. Our production process mainly focuses on the making of upholstery and upholstering. We stock up some basic raw materials - frames, upholstery, fabrics and skins, frames and cushions come from our local contract manufacturers. 
In addition to our own factory, we employ a number of Finnish subcontractors and contract manufacturers.
Fabrics and leathers come directly from European manufacturers we have known for decades. This ensures the quality of the products and transparency of how and where they are made. High quality materials guarantee long lasting products.




The collaboration between Interface and the designer begins by identifying customer needs, wishes and expectations. The work of a designer is not only to think about the appearance of the product, but also to invest their know-how in making the product comfortable. Good design is long-lasting and durable, both in appearance and in comfort. Interface products are designed by well-known designers.


INTERFACE IS AWARDED WITH THE KEY FLAG SYMBOL tehtysuomessa_madein_musta_rgb

The Key Flag Symbol (Avainlippu) can be awarded to a product manufactured or a service produced in Finland. The domestic content of a product or service must be at least 50 percent. The average domestic content of Key Flag Symbol products is more than 80 percent. Domestic content refers to the proportion of the Finnish cost of the break-event cost of a product or service. The calculation takes into account all production costs of the product or service.

In the case of service providers, companies must also have significant domestic ownership, and the management and the company’s head office must be located in Finland. The right to use Key Flag Symbol is awarded by The Key Flag Symbol Committee upon application for a term of three years. The information required for the right to use the mark is reviewed by companies annually.

The Key Flag symbol is administered by the Association for Finnish Work. The Association is a politically independent non-profit organization founded in 1912 and owned by its members. They are engaged in efforts to increase appreciation for Finnish labour and to ensure that Finnish work prospers and succeeds. Finnish work includes all work done in Finland without taking a position on, for example, nationality or ownership. A key role is to influence consumer purchasing decisions in order to preserve jobs and create new ones.

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