Our collection of fabrics and leather are mainly from Spain and Italy. More than half of the collection is purchased straight from the manufacturers, which we have known for decades. With this we are able to affect where and how the materials are manufactured. 


The fibers used in the fabrics in our collection are of high quality and durable. There is no additional licquids or acids used to protect the surface. The selection of natural fibers, polyester fibers and a mix of them both are used. The natural fibers to be mentioned are cotton, linen and viscose.

As an option, you can choose a detachable upholstery for the sofa or the chair. In that case, the upholstery of the frame can be taken off. You may find always zippers on the cushions, take off the upholstered cover easily.

Composition of fabrics

The durability of fabrics is always affected by the composition of the fabric. The fabrics we use are always high quality fabrics - no matter how you measure it. Martindale, colour fastness or any other measurement. The most of the fabrics we recommend are given the value of Martindale more than 25.000, which means it is suitable for normal use at home. The Martindale method is designed to measure the abrasion resistance of woven and knitted fabrics without pile. The fabric to be examined in the test is attached to a circular substrate that is rubbed against a standard wool fabric in a rotating motion. The abrasion resistance result is the amount of revolutions reached before two threads in the tested fabric are cut off. 


Leathers are purchased from European factories. They use mainly European raw hides. The cattle is never raised only to leather industry, but the leather is a natural waste of food industry.

The key thing in sourcing is to know each supplier personally. With that we ensure, that the leather is manufactured and the animals are treated properly.


The leathers we use, can be divided into tree categories. Protected leather, semianiline and aniline. Aniline is the most natural leather. The surface is greasy and the more it is used, the better it becomes.


The raw material of legs and bases is either wood or metal. Most of the accessories we use are from Finnish suppliers, which helps us to keep the process short and effective. It gives us better and especially quicker tools for customization too.

The wood we use is birch or ash and as standard colors birch, soap-waxed ash and oak . The metal legs are available in black or aluminum color. Special colors are also made to order for both foot materials.


The table top is always made of MDF. The top is finished with a veneer or laminate. Veneer we use is either nut tree or oak. Laminate is always Fenix Nano-laminate. It is naturally a scratch free material.


The plywood and other wooden components are made of Finnish wood. They are made by Finnish suppliers that are well known by us. That is the way to ensure the quality and that they are manufactured under the proper circumstances. The springs in the frames are made either with crossed rubber belts or a metal zigzag suspension.


As a padding, there is polyurethane foam, polyester fiber and feather mixed with foam cuttings or fiber. All the padding materials are from EU manufacturers. Feathers are cleaned and tested and they from companies that ensure the proper treatment of the animals.