On this page we provide instructions for the use and care of your Interface product. You can get product-specific instructions for upholstery materials through our customer service by requesting them separately.

On this page we provide general instructions to make the product easier to care for and to use. If you still have questions, please contact either your reseller or Interface customer service.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Interface products and their care can be found on the Product Care and Washing pages.


After opening the product from the package, make sure the feet are already pre-installed at the factory. This is not the case with all of our products, so it is a good idea to make sure that the feet are installed on the product before using it. Also place all cushions in their places. In addition, we recommend fluffing the feather pillows before use. This ensures that the product is comfortable to use.

Avoid placing the product in direct sunlight or near a radiator. Heat can damage the upholstery or cause the leather to dry out, crack or harden. Furniture does not like rapid heat and humidity fluctuations. The ideal, constant humidity is 40 - 60 %. Do not dry damp clothes or objects on the furniture or place hot objects on the furniture.

The pillows and cushions soften and shape during use, increasing comfort.

To maintain the shape and structure of the pillows, it is good to fluff them weekly. Also vary the positions of the seat and back cushions to ensure even wear.

When moving sofas and chairs, always lift them only from the bottom of the frame. The armrests for not for sitting or lifting.

Do not allow pets to climb on the furniture. Their nails may damage the upholstery. In addition, animal saliva and other excretions may corrode the surface material, especially leather. Human sweat or grease that comes off the skin can also corrode fabric and leather upholstery. So don’t let dirt get stuck in the furniture, but clean it regularly.

Do not sit on the product with wet or clothing that may leak color. Also watch out for clothing buttons or rivets: they may damage the upholstery.

Don’t let dirt get stuck on the product, but maintain your piece of furniture regularly. Always remove stains immediately. Choose the right care and cleaning for different materials. Read the maintenance instructions for the different materials here.


Avoid machine washing the upholstery at home. We always recommend professional, dry cleaning for our upholstery products, even for detachable covers.

As a basic treatment for upholstered furniture, we recommend regular vacuuming and ventilation. Some fabrics can also be washed in water according to the washing instructions. This mainly means wiping with a damp towel. There may be a light soap solution in the water used when wiping.

Always treat only the area of ​​the stain when removing stains. First, test the behavior of the fabric in an invisible part of the product.

Try removing solid stains by gently scraping with a fingernail, for example. Also avoid bleaching cleaners, excessive use of water, abrasion of the fabric surface, solvents and strongly alkaline or acidic detergents.

In the case of seat and back cushions and removable upholstery, the labels must be protected during washing. The adhesive sides of the labels may stick to the upholstery fabric and damage the upholstery material.

The furniture wears out in use, so there will be some stretching in the upholstery material due to the elasticity of the upholstery materials. These are not manufacturing or material defects.

Read more about the maintenance instructions for different materials here.


Leather is a natural material. Each leather shed is unique in size, texture and appearance. Traces of life are seen in the raw year: insect bites, scars, blood vessels, wrinkles, abrasions. These are not defects, but are hallmarks of genuine leather and do not impair the durability of the leather.

Be gentle when taking care of your leather upholstered furniture. The leather surface can be cleaned with a damp, clean cloth by wiping and, if necessary, ventilating and vacuuming. Human skin and hair produce lipids that build up on the leather surface, so clean your piece of furniture regularly before it gets stuck. The same goes for all dirt and stains.

Avoid excessive moisture when cleaning leather. You can try to remove stains with a towel or sponge dampened with mild soapy water, but never rub the surface of the leather or let the skin get too wet. If the skin gets wet, it should not be dried with a hair dryer and the moistened area should not be rubbed.

Avoid solvents, abrasives and strongly alkaline or acidic detergents.

Leather furniture should be placed away from radiators and away from direct sunlight. Also beware of too dry room air. Staples and buttons on clothing can damage the surface of the leather. Also avoid skin contact with clothing that may leak color.

When the furniture is in use, the leather ages and patinates in different ways depending on the type of wear and tear and how it is treated. The elasticity of the leather on the surface of the cushions is limited and the leather will not be able to return to its full original shape forever. Therefore, for example, the surface of the seat cushions may become loose over time. Small cracks and abrasions may form in the surface layer of the leather, especially in loaded areas such as the seat and back. These changes are not covered by the warranty. There is variation in the softness of the different parts of the leather. The resulting differences in the appearance of wrinkles and seams are not defects but the characteristics of the leather.

Read more about the maintenance instructions for different materials here.


We take 100 % responsibility for the quality of our work. Our frame structures have been tested several times over the decades and the product life cycles are very long. The frames are made of solid wood and plywood, in addition to which they are inspected both at the frame factory and at our own factory. The fabric options of the Interface fabric trolley are also found to be very good and durable in use.


Our furniture have both metal and wooden parts. These are treated by wiping with a damp, clean cloth. Do not use abrasive materials for cleaning. You can remove dirt with a towel or sponge dampened in mild soapy water. Make sure that no cleaning water is left between the foot and the floor after cleaning.


The covers of our tables are made of either veneer or laminate. These are treated by wiping with a damp, clean cloth. Do not use abrasive materials for cleaning. You can remove dirt with a towel or sponge dampened in mild soapy water. Finally, dry the surfaces with a dry cloth. This will ensure that no water remains on the deck or its sides after cleaning.

Read more about the maintenance instructions for different materials here.


As cushions, we use foam, cotton and feathers, mixing them with either foam granulates or polyester fiber. All our padding materials come from European factories. The feathers are cleaned and allergy tested. They are collected or manufactured in accordance with ethically sustainable principles.

The cushions are treated with regular fluffing, ventilation and vacuuming.

Read more about the maintenance instructions for different materials here.


Regular care will extend the life cycle of your carpet. Take care of your carpet by vacuuming, ventilating and by giving it snow bath in the winter. Small stains can be gently removed with clean water.

For full cleaning, we recommend a professional gentle flat wash at 30 degrees.


Our products have a two-year warranty from the date of purchase under the Consumer Protection Act. The warranty is personal and will cease to exist if the owner of the product changes. By registering your product, you can extend the warranty for a new product after July 1, 2021 to three years. Register your product at https://www.interface.fi/jatkettu-takuu.

The warranty is valid when you follow the instructions for transporting, storing, installing, using and caring for the furniture. Defects occurring during the warranty period will be rectified free of charge, except for defects due to causes beyond the control of the seller / manufacturer or of which the buyer has been informed in advance at the time of purchase and in this owner's manual.



The furniture is made for normal sitting. One person can sit in a chair at a time, two on a two-seater sofa and so on. The warranty does not cover breakdown due to higher than normal weight.

Do not stand or jump on furniture. The backrests and armrests are not intended for sitting or standing.

The furniture must always be stored at normal room temperature. Moisture and cold will damage the product.

Furniture is always lifted from under the frame, not from upholstery, backrests or armrests. Always move the furniture by lifting, not pulling along the floor. Transport damage is not covered by the warranty.

Normal wear and tear, molding of the cushions and surface materials during use are not covered by the warranty.

The warranty does not cover furniture / products

  • whose warranty is not valid
  • which have not been used and / or handled with care and / or in accordance with the instructions for use, maintenance and cleaning
  • whose defects are due to normal wear and tear
  • whose defects have occurred during transport, installation or maintenance
  • which have been stored for too long, in the wrong way or under the wrong conditions
  • whose defects are due to structural changes
  • whose defects are due to misuse, negligence or damage to the product
  • which have not been used properly or whose loads have been exceeded
  • which have been intentionally damaged or damaged through negligence
  • whose defects are caused by sharp objects, liquids, animals, insects, etc.
  • with traces or damage due to improper use, assembly, repair or transportation.

In case of complaint, please contact the product reseller. Provide the product's serial number on the bottom of the furniture (a photo taken from the label will suffice).


With any additional questions you can contact our customer service!